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"Innovative Achievements Lead the Future": The Third Tongji Automobile Innovation Forum was successfully held
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When a new round of technological revolution sweeps across the world, the automotive industry is undergoing tremendous changes. Innovative technologies such as intellectualization, electrification, networking and sharing have redefined automobiles. Technologies from different fields have crossed industry boundaries and achieved new integration in the automotive industry.
  In order to keep up with the pace of innovation and development in the world automotive field and train innovative talents in automotive industry, Tongji University Automobile College successfully held the 3rd Tongji Automobile Innovation Forum on May 19, 2019. The forum focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in the automotive industry, and invited alumni of Tongji University in the automotive industry as guest speakers to present a conceptual feast of scientific and technological innovation for the automotive industry. Fang Shouen, Party Secretary of Tongji University, Lu Fangzhou, Vice Secretary of Jiading District Committee, Vice Secretary and President of SAIC Group, Chen Zhixin, General Manager of Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Company, Chen Gang and many other guests attended the forum, which was chaired by Zhang Lijun, Dean of Automobile College of Tongji University.
  Feng Shenhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Tongji University, and Lu Fangzhou, Deputy Secretary of Jiading District Committee addressed the forum respectively.

  In his speech, Feng Shenhong said that with the strong support of all parties, Tongji Automobile has made great achievements in personnel training, scientific and technological innovation, social services and other fields, and has become the leading representative of scientific research and innovation in Tongji University. He also expressed his feeling about the strong support of all sectors of society for the development of Tongji Automobile. Thank you.

Address by Professor Feng Shenhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Tongji University

  Lu Fangzhou said in his speech that Jiading District Committee and District Government will continue to work hand in hand with Tongji University to achieve more development and achievements in the automotive field. It is believed that the innovative achievements of this forum will bring more inspiration, inject more new vitality into the future Chinese automobile market, and provide a huge space for the leapfrog development of China's automobile industry.

Address by Mr. Lu Fangzhou

  In order to give full play to the discipline and talent advantages of Tongji University, we should build a new development mode combining production, learning, research, integration and utilization, realize the strong combination of first-class enterprises and first-class universities, and promote the construction of "double-class" of Tongji University. At the forum, Feng Shenhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Tongji University, invited Chen Zhixin, deputy secretary and President of the Party Committee of Shanghai Automobile Group, as part-time professor of Tongji University, to present the letter of appointment and the school emblem on behalf of the school. After the appointment ceremony, Chen Zhixin published a keynote report on the theme of "From the perspective of the new four modernizations" to see the "breakdown" and "establishment" of the automotive industry.
  Wang Kai, chief global architect of Weishitong, Ming Pingwen, professor of Automobile College of Tongji University, and Wang Jianmin, Vice Dean of Art and Media College of Tongji University, were invited to make brilliant keynote speeches at the forum.
  In his speech, Chen Zhixin stressed that China's automobile industry is facing six challenges: energy and environment, slowing market growth, restructuring of the value chain of the automobile industry, profound changes in the needs of new generations of users, cross-border entry of new forces in automobile manufacturing, and comprehensive opening up of the industry. Therefore, only active change can take place. Only by finding a new way and grasping the pulse of the times can we take the initiative and make the strong stronger in the process of the future era.

Mr. Chen Zhixin delivered a keynote speech

  Ming Ping-wen believes that according to Schumpeter's economic theory, the large-scale explosion of fuel cells from commercialization is the beginning of a long economic cycle, including innovation in mode, organization and technology. Technological innovation corresponds to a 60-year long cycle, while pattern innovation corresponds to a short cycle.

Speech by Professor Ming Pingwen

  Wang Kai shared the gradual technological revolution. From a technical point of view, the automotive industry is now a very huge upgrade, from a functional car to a smart car transformation process, and ultimately achieve the ultimate user experience, which is the goal of future travel needs to be achieved.

Mr. Wang Kai's Speech

  Wang Jianmin shared the intelligent cockpit with you. Intelligent function is only a feeling for users. In order to achieve harmony among the four dimensions of human, vehicle, environment and media, it is necessary to continuously improve the degree of intellectualization from the aspects of pre-experiment, post-improvement and evaluation.

Speech by Professor Wang Jianmin

  Wang Junhua shares the risk control of traffic safety under the condition of man-machine co-driving. Man-machine co-driving is mainly facing the advent of the era of intelligent driving. Good integration of the two can solve traffic problems.

Speech by Professor Wang Junhua

  In the afternoon, the forum was equally exciting. Focusing on the latest trends in the industry, the speakers brought in the latest ideas and ideas on autopilot, new energy, smart networking and other aspects, and carried out in-depth analysis and discussion.
  Chen Jianghong, senior director of research and Development Department of SAIC Volkswagen New Energy Vehicle, believes that the reason why China is so urgent to make new energy vehicles is mainly due to the opportunities brought by energy, environmental changes, urbanization and other important factors in the development of new energy. In the development of new energy, SAIC Volkswagen focuses on ensuring that batteries are safer and more reliable, in addition to bold innovations in design.

Address by Mr. Chen Jianghong

  Gu Hailei, Deputy Director of Strategic Planning, Shanghai Automotive Testing and Certification Technology Research Center, shared the safety technical requirements and EMC testing of the Intelligent Network (INS) vehicle. This paper makes a comprehensive analysis from five aspects: the content of Intelligent Network Unified Vehicle, automobile safety requirements, automobile safety technology, automobile electromagnetic compatibility and the latest development trends.

Address by Mr. Gu Hailei

  Professor Wang Zhenpo, School of Machinery and Vehicle, Beijing University of Technology, shares the core technology and engineering application of the new energy vehicle monitoring big data platform. The arrival of automobile big data era has brought more wisdom to our industry. The vehicle is equipped with a variety of sensors to make information predictable, visible and controllable. At the same time, it provides a scientific basis for macro-decision-making of industry and industry.

Speech by Professor Wang Zhenpo

  As the mainstay of the automotive industry, Tongji Auto Man is widely distributed in various fields to help the development of the industry. In the future, Tongji Automobile Innovation Forum will continue to play its positive role in training young teachers and students of Automobile Academy, encourage innovation, and provide high-quality talents for the exploration of new directions in the automotive industry, and pursue the Chinese automotive dream of Tongji Auto People with the spirit of concerted efforts and solidarity.