School of Automotive Studies has 91 full-time teachers, where 40 are in senior positions, 33 are in deputy senior positions, the proportion of doctoral degrees exceeds 95%, and there are 5 foreign professors. There are 1 energy-saving and environmentally-friendly automobile innovation team from the Ministry of Education, 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 3 chief scientists of the 973 Program and the 863 Program, 2 Changjiang Scholars and Distinguished Young Scholars.

The school is committed to cultivating innovative, practical and inter-disciplinary high-level talents with international vision. Aiming at automotive, power machinery and transportation industries, the school mainly relies on three basic disciplines including vehicle engineering, power machinery and engineering, and vehicle operation engineering.

The school cooperates with well-known automobile companies in China and abroad, such as SAIC Volkswagen, and establishes a variety of school-enterprise joint training courses. The school has become the first batch of “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” pilot program of the Ministry of Education.