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Tongji University and Nanchang Municipal People's Government Signed Project Cooperation Agreement of Nanchang Automobile Innovation Research Institute of Tongji University
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On the afternoon of July 5, Tongji University and Nanchang Municipal People's Government signed the project cooperation agreement of Nanchang Automobile Innovation Research Institute of Tongji University. Party Secretary Fang Shouen, Vice President Gu Xianglin, Director of Intelligent New Energy Vehicle Cooperative Innovation Center Yu Zhuoping, President Zhang Yalei of Institute of Engineering and Industry, Secretary of Party Committee of Automobile College Cao Jing, President Zhang Lijun of Automobile College, Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Secretary of Nanchang Municipal Committee Yin Meigan, Deputy Secretary of Nanchang Municipal Committee and City The signing ceremony was attended by Chang Liu Jianyang, leaders of relevant functional departments of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang City, Xiaolan Economic Zone and Jiangling Group.

The Nanchang Automobile Innovation Research Institute of Tongji University is co-founded by Tongji University and Nanchang Municipal Government. It is located in Xiaolanjing District of Nanchang. Based on the location advantages of Nanchang, giving full play to Tongji University's disciplinary and talent advantages, and relying on the capital and industrial advantages of Jiangling Group, the Institute intends to build a first-class automotive technology and product innovation base, incubation base for high-tech automotive enterprises, and gathering and training base for high-end talents in automotive industry. A new research and development organization is integrated to serve the development and development of Jiangling Group. Through technological innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, incubation of high-tech enterprises and cultivation of specialized talents, the economic transformation and industrial development of Nanchang are promoted, so that the Nanchang area can become a gathering place of automotive technology, talents and industry, and at the same time, the basic research and industrialization of achievements in such disciplines as vehicle engineering in our school are strongly supported.

  Vice President Gu Xianglin delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. He said that Nanchang City and Tongji University had a good cooperative relationship and foundation. The school and the Nanchang Municipal Co-construction Research Institute will further expand the field and content of school-site cooperation. He hoped that with the help of the Research Institute platform, the "fence wall" which hindered industrialization could be dismantled and the discipline could be opened up. The last mile of technological achievements to the industrial market, the construction of school-site cooperation community, the implementation of comprehensive cooperation, and jointly build a nationwide leading platform for the transformation of automotive scientific and technological achievements, while strongly supporting the basic research and achievement transformation of related disciplines in our school, achieving mutual benefit and win-win, and promoting technological innovation Deep integration with economic and social development.

  It is reported that the Nanchang Automobile Innovation Research Institute of Tongji University will be a private non-enterprise unit under the leadership of the Board of Directors. It will be established as a well-known domestic automobile research and development institution, which will provide core key technical support for the development of automobile industry in Nanchang and Jiangxi Province, and promote the innovative incubation ecological chain of emerging automobile industry. Construction.