2019 National Natural Science Foundation Project Auto Academy Declaration and Mobilization Conference
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Mobilization conference photo

On the afternoon of December 25, the Auto Academy held the National Natural Science Foundation Project Declaration and Mobilization Conference in 2019. The conference was honored to invite such important guests as Vice Minister Liu Chun of the Department of Scientific Research Management of Tongji University to give a report. The content of the conference was excellent and the academic atmosphere was strong.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Professor Wei Xuezhe, Vice President of the Auto Academy. Professor Wei Xuezhe emphasized the importance of the National Natural Fund project for research teachers, and focused on the application and undertaking of the Natural Fund project of the Auto Academy.

Subsequently, Vice Minister Liu Chun of the Scientific Research Management Department of the University introduced the application of the College to the faculty, and explained the latest policy of the Natural Fund Project in detail.

In the experience sharing link, Professor Zhong Zaimin and Assistant Professor Chen Huicui, who have rich experience in natural fund declaration, have shared their valuable experience in applying for natural fund projects for teachers and students of the College. Professor Zhong Zaimin has provided important suggestions for the declaration teachers from the scientific point of view. Assistant Professor Chen Huicui shared his experience and summary of the declaration of youth fund with the audience.

After the sharing session, Professor Zhang Lijun, Dean of Automobile College, made a key summary for the conference, analyzed the advantages and improvements of teachers in the declaration of natural fund projects, and encouraged teachers to actively declare natural fund projects.

In the subsequent free discussion session, the guests and the audience discussed in depth the issues related to the declaration of the Natural Fund.

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) project is a symbol of the beginning of basic research by researchers. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to it by schools and scientific research teachers. This conference has brought the latest policy and information on the application of the Natural Fund Project, which has played a great guiding and inspiring role for teachers to apply for the Natural Fund Project.